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If you are interested in helping the Sisters Trails Alliance, have comments for the group, or notice required maintenance, please contact any of the people listed below. Thank you for your interest in the Sisters Trails Alliance.

Advisory Committee, Directors & Sub-Committee Heads

Chuck Humphreys - Chair

Jeff Sims - Vice Chair

Catherine Hayden - Secretary/Treasurer

Phyllis Lewis - Director At-Large & Grant Writer

Ken Serkownek - Director At-Large & Fundraising Sub-Committee

Ann Marland - Director At-Large & Community Outreach Sub-Committee

Gary Guttormsen - Director At-Large & Trails Sub-Committee

Donna Timmerman - Director At Large & Membership Committee

Bob Hoffman - Accountant Advisor

Now that STA is a non-profit corporation we were required to elect the entire slate of officers.  One of our first orders of business will be to divide the board into three groups, one group of three will serve a three year term, one will serve a two year term, and one will serve a one year term.  These designations will be done on a volunteer basis.


Our mailing address is:
Sisters Trails Alliance
PO Box 1871
Sisters, OR 97759

Our telephone number is 541-719-8822.