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Trail Safety

Safety is No Accident, Courtesy is Contagious

Check out these great cycling safety videos.

All Users
Pet Owners
  • Stay to the right
  • Look behind you from time to time
  • Yield to others when entering the trail
  • Bikers yield to all others on the trail
  • Walkers/hikers yield to equestrians on the trail
  • Pass ONLY after looking behind you
  • Pass ONLY after a loud warning
  • Warn with a loud voice at least 2 seconds BEFORE overtaking someone
  • If warned before being passed, call out, “Thanks for the warning”
  • If NOT warned, politely call out “Please warn before passing”
  • Pass ONLY on the left
  • Pass ONLY if you have a 2 foot clearance
  • Do NOT block the trail when stopping
  • Do NOT block by going 3 or 4 abreast
  • When dark, wear reflective clothes
  • When dark, carry a light


  • Keep a safe, reasonable speed
  • Adjust speed to trail congestion and surface conditions
  • Be predictable
  • Wear a helmet

Hikers and Walkers

  • Do not read on the trail
  • Keep your pet to the right
  • Treat your pet as you would a child
  • Keep your pet on a very short leash when passing or being passed
  • Obey posted leash regulations


  • Keep a safe, reasonable speed
  • Adjust speed to trail congestion and surface conditions
  • Pass ONLY at a walk
  • Wear a helmet
  • Assume every horse you meet is a novice with a novice rider
  • Tie up at least 10 feet from the trail


  • PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN. Keep them to the right
  • Stay immediately behind or to the left of your children

Cyclists: Please, do not use a flashing strobe light as a headlight. Flashing white strobe lights can be disorienting and are very irritating. Instead, please use a headlight with a steady beam aimed low. We are all safer if no one is confused or blinded by your light.


If you have witnessed an accident or vandalism on the trail, please send a brief description to us at or call Sisters Ranger District.

Emergency Telephone Number: 911 (Identify location and nearest trail marker.)

To Report Unsafe Trail Conditions: Call the Sisters Ranger District office at 541-549-7700. For general maintenance, email