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Work Hours Reporting

 High Cascade Forest Volunteers (HCFV) has agreed to let us use an ‘all-inclusive’ system that they developed which records time entries, produces tailored reports, and emails our hours to the Forest Service.  When you click on the link below, you will be sent to the ‘HCFV Work Report Form’.  There is an ‘Instructions’ button on that page with help for new users.

Click Here for Work Report Form

Here are the highlights of the reporting system:

  1. Please look over the instructions on the report form the first time you enter hours so we can get consistent reporting.  It’s important that we each use the same name and email address every time we enter hours.  For example, don’t enter your name as ‘Jane Doe’ one time and ‘Jane R Doe’ the next time, because the system will record this as 2 different people.

  2. Work party and event leaders (or a designated volunteer) will need to gather the reporting info from all volunteers at the event and enter it all into the system as soon as convenient for them.  This way each individual volunteer won’t have to remember to enter his/her hours.

  3. After regular monthly meetings, we’re asking for one volunteer to enter time for everyone who attended the meeting.

  4. For individual service; such as computer work, administration, training, etc. each individual will need to enter their own hours. We can make it much easier for the volunteer at High Cascade Forest who maintains the system if we enter these hours monthly.  For example, enter your total hours for ‘Community Outreach Subcommittee’ tasks for January once with a start date of Jan 1 and an end date of Jan 31. The first screen in the system asks for these dates.  If you need help, email your questions to or send your info to that address and we’ll enter your data for you.
    It’s very important that we report our volunteer time.  Recording our hours provides some solid benefits for STA, the Forest Service and each of us:

  1. STA’s chances for being awarded grants and receiving community support improve when we can verify more volunteer hours.

  2. STA has agreed to provide a certain number of volunteer hours to the Forest Service annually.  This year it is about 50 hours.

  3. The Forest Service uses our volunteer hours to help them justify annual trail maintenance funds on the forest and in each ranger district.   In addition, our hours help the Forest Service receive grants by demonstrating community support for their projects.  Each volunteer hour is valued at $20.50 by the Forest Service.

  4. For providing 16 or more volunteer hours, individuals receive a Northwest Forest Pass.  These passes are honored at Forest Service day-use sites in Oregon and Washington where “Recreation Pass Required” signs are posted.

  5. The system can provide a report of each person’s hours for tax reporting purposes at year end.