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Survey Of Non-Motorized Trail Use By Oregon State Parks

The Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department is sponsoring a once-per-decade assessment of non-motorized trail use. The survey covers trail use anywhere in Oregon, from local parks to national forests.  Survey responses will help local, state, and federal agencies efficiently allocate funding to meet the needs of non-motorized trail users.  The survey, and each question in it, is voluntary.  All responses are confidential – they will only be reported as part of larger groups. If interested, please complete the survey by November 26th. The survey can be accessed here. If you have any questions about the survey, please contact the project lead, Kreg Lindberg, at


Portland State University has developed a smartphone app to collect route, infrastructure, crash, and safety data for the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT). ORcycle will let you record your bicycle trips, display maps of your rides, and provide feedback regarding crashes, safety, or infrastructure issues. Transportation planners currently do not have enough data about the Oregon's cycling population and their routes. Also, at the moment there is no systematic way to receive feedback regarding safety or infrastructure issues. The ORcycle application has been designed in conjunction with ODOT to be used by transportation planners to better design or upgrade bicycle facilities. For more information and to download the app click here.