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What's New at Sisters Trails Alliance

Changing Climate with Impact on Recreational Opportunities in Central Oregon     

Speaker: Bjarne Holm, C.P.G., R&M Consultants, Inc.
Thursday, April 24, 6:30 PM at the FivePine Lodge & Conference Center in Sisters

:STA Minto Flats B.jpgOur featured speaker for the quarterly meeting of the Sisters Trail Alliance will be geologist Bjarne Holm, speaking on the topic of climate change, both from the geologic history point of view as well as changes seen during human history. Mr. Holm will discuss factors that contribute to changes in our climate as well as recent weather patterns, such as typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, this winter’s polar vortex with record low temperatures, and the record drought in the west.

Mr. Holm is a geologist, who has worked much of his career in Alaska for the oil and natural gas industry in addition to roadway, hydroelectric and mining projects. Mr. Holm will document some of the dramatic warming he has witnessed during his geology work in Alaska.

Resources for much of Mr. Holm’s work includes published literature, aerial photography, satellite imaging, LIDAR as well as work in the field. His efforts have generated geologic maps showing foundation conditions and possible hazards, allowing engineers to plan and design for projects. A focus of his work involves mapping of unconsolidated deposits, including the interpretation of surficial processes such as successive glacial advances, mass wasting, and the erosion and deposition by wind and water. Unraveling such events often require the interpretation of successive geologic events in an area spanning tens of thousands of years.

The presentation will take a look at what lies ahead for our climate along the west coast of the United States. Will the snowpack improve for skiing in future years? How about droughts and the effect on plants and animals?